Channel Partner Program

AcadWare helps sports organizations improve operational efficiency, enable innovation and improve overall coaching outcomes

We look forward to partner with those
who have connections with

  • Influencers in the Sports Industry
  • Large and Mid Sized Sports Academies
  • District, State Or National Sports Associations Across Any Sport
  • Sport Related Departments/Authorities in Public Sector

How it Works

  • Participation in the AcadWare Channel Partner Program is completely free
  • Once you apply we review and approve your application
  • Once approved, we share 20% of the revenue earned from each academy for the first year, and 10% thereafter for the next 2 years
  • Regular payouts with uncapped earning limits

Use your sports connections to help us transform Sports Organizations to be 100% Digitized and Data Driven....

....and use the opportunity to earn regular alternate Income......

Here are 6 Reasons Why You Should Become An AcadWare Channel Partner

Robust Fast Growing Platform

Eminent organizations already using AcadWare

Dedicated Marketing Support

Our team actively works with you to make you successful

Zero Investment + Regular Income

No hidden costs toward onboarding, Assured regular income

Transparent Pricing

All pricing information easily accessible on website

Revive and Strengthen Your Existing Relationships

Good reason to reconnect with your network and build relationships

Hassle-free Dealings

We understand that trust is the foundation of strong business relationships

Channel Partner Sign-up

    Come, be a part of the list of eminent organizations using the AcadWare platform