Long Term Athlete Development

AcadWare serves as an ideal platform to plan and monitor every aspect of Long Term Athlete Development

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Calendar Based
Training Schedules

All members get a daily calendar view to see their planned activities related to

  • Assessments
  • Coaching Drills
  • Workout Plans
  • Injury Management
  • Competition Tracker

AcadWare helps academies professionalize their services by planning and executing using the calendar for scheduling and tracking.

Workout/Coaching Plans

To enable reliability and repeatability of coaching outcomes, academies can define a set of coaching drills and workout plans that they would like to execute with their players.

AcadWare provides an easy way to define, schedule and assign these activities to players, specific to their skill levels.

While planning and assigning these activities is important, it is equally important to track whether the plans are being followed. Coaches and players can both mark completion of these drills from their training calendars.

Our calendar activity tracker provides insights into what was planned versus what was actually executed.

Advanced Assessments

Assessments are the easiest way to measure performance improvements, improve player engagement and identify hot talent on a continual basis.

AcadWare facilitates the setup and execution of assessments in 4 simple steps. The end to end paper-less process makes assessing every player a less tedious affair.

In addition to basic fitness assessments, AcadWare also provides for standard formats in advanced tests like Musculoskeletal tests, CPET assessments and ratings based Psychological assessments. We also develop report formats as required by the customers so that they can maintain their existing formats or reporting.

Athlete & Coach Activity Compliance Tracker

How an athlete performs in competitions is a direct reflection of the coaching outcomes of the academy. It is therefore imperative that competition results be tracked and reviewed by the academy on an ongoing basis.

AcadWare provides coaches and athletes the ability to create their competition calendar and update results. The outcome of the competition can be registered as points, elimination round, medals and / or rankings. This flexibility helps athletes update results and review their performance over periods of time. The application also provides for maintaining a log of national or international camps that the athletes attended as a part of their training or preparation for elite competitions.

Injury Management

Every athlete is prone to injuries. Proper management of injuries in terms of treatment and rehabilitation is essential for athletes long-term sustenance in the sport.

AcadWare provides a simple interface for athletes and coaches to update injuries along with estimated rehabilitation periods.

Doctors and experts can update the injury log periodically with comments about progress of rehabilitation.

LTAD Reports

Monitoring athlete performance is key to identifying weaknesses and working on improvements.

AcadWare provides a wide range of reports from monitoring of planned activities to performance improvement trend reports.

  • Assessment Report and Trends
  • Planned Activity Compliance Report
  • Athlete Daily Tracker