Sports Association Digital Transformation

Helping sports associations with digital tools to achieve their stated missions and to be financially self-sufficient

We offer software applications and consulting service to help sports associations widen player base at the bottom (grassroots) and move maximum athletes to the top (elite) of the pyramid

See How It Works

We provide the following features for Associations


  • Tournament Listing
  • Association News
  • Player Registration
  • Committee Members
  • Partners and Sponsors
  • About
  • Contact Info
  • Contact Form

Player Registration

  • Player Registration Form
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • Date of Birth Proof
  • Approval from Association
  • Login for Registered players
  • Yearly reminder for renewal

Tournament Management

  • Tournament setup with different categories
  • Tournament Registration
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • Tournament Listing with search and filter features
  • Tournament Details
  • Tournament Categories (singles/doubles etc)
  • Entries
  • Fixtures / Results
  • Automated Points Allocation
  • Age / Gender Based Rankings
  • Tournament New

Player Ranking

  • Setup a points structure for different types of tournaments
  • Auto attribution of points to players based on results from tournaments
  • Display of player rankings by age and gender on the website
  • Rankings also maintained for player playing across multiple age groups

We believe that every sports association strives to achieve the following

Widen Player Base Of The Sport

By promoting the sport at grassroot levels

Improve Coaching Standard

Ensure highest coaching standards are met

Conduct Regular Competitions

Provide strong, well-organized and transparent competition structure

Maintain a real-time database

Maintain a real-time database of players, coaches, academies and competitions

Manage Player Rankings

Maintain age and gender wise rankings and leaderboards to increase player engagement

Scout and Nurture Elite Athletes

Maximize number of nationally and internationally ranked players

We are actively working with the following associations

Pune District
Football Association

Pune Metropolitan District
Tennis Association

Maharashtra State
Tennis Association

Gujarat State
Tennis Association