Digital Onboarding

AcadWare software-enables every aspect of your operations

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Digitize Your Data In Minutes

AcadWare facilitates simple setup of sports management related organizations so that administrators get a central view of all operations. It provides the flexibility to setup different types of organizations that work in varied areas of sports management.

  • Sport Schools / Academies across all sports
  • Organisations that have school physical training outsourced to them
  • Organizations involved in Elite Athlete Performance Management
  • Sports Departments in public sector
  • Sports Associations across all sports

Personalize the App Theme

  • Personalization features help to retain brand identity of the organization
  • AcadWare provides features to not only upload your logo but also change the colors, fonts and entire user experience of the app for the organization. This customization also extends to currency and date formats to suit the locale
  • Players, parents and staff will get a view that is consistent with your organizations brand identify

Single Unified App For All Users

AcadWare is a single unified platform for all types of users – sports academy owners, coaches, administrators, nutritionists, players and parents.

  • User interface changes with each user persona
  • Three different perspectives are currently provided


Monitor overall health and quality of operations and profitability of the academy

Staff / Coaches

Improve on-ground effectiveness and efficiency using hand held devices

Members / Parents

Better awareness of child/player progress with closer engagement with academy

Create Centers &
Batches With Ease

A center is defined as a premise or location where the actual coaching is taking place.

AcadWare allows you to setup organization with multiple centers so that owners get a aggregated view of data from all their premises. The platform also caters to allocating of staff across multiple centers or a member who is coaching at two centers simultaneously. You can set up multiple batches under each center and assign players to these batches.

Batch Scheduling

Batches are day wise, timing based grouping of members at each center. Advanced batch scheduling features helps balance out member headcount to achieve maximum capacity utilization at the center. We also track the number of sessions each member has taken with a coach using the members attendance logs. Actual vs Expected headcount in each batch provides a view on over or under utilization of the coach.

Create Multiple
Flexible Fee Structures

  • A fee plan is a center wise fee structure that defines the fee name, amount and frequency of payment
  • AcadWare provides complete flexibility in setting one time, recurring or installment based fee plans. It also allows for zero fee feature where no invoices are raised for the member
  • Recurring fees can be set for monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly payments. For the installment based fee plans, total number of installments and the individual installment amounts can be set
  • A prorata calculation for monthly fees is provided so that you don’t miss out on revenues for mid month signups
  • To improve compliance of payments, a late fee feature is provided to pressure members to make payments on time
  • AcadWare auto generates invoices on payment due dates of members and allows cash, cheque and digital payments