Create a simple secure members database, foster engagement and improve retention

  1. Features
  2. Digitization
  3. Membership

Member Registrations

AcadWare facilitates center and batch wise registrations of members. Registration is available on web and mobile for admins and coaching staff (optionally), to facilitate decentralized onboarding of members.

While the platform has an inbuilt duplicate check on email and mobile number, it does provide ability to register siblings hence providing single login to parents.

The platform provides a simple de-registration option with a mandatory reason for de-registration. The reasons can be used for further analysis of overall attrition of members in the organization.

AcadWare has the much requested feature of re-registering previously de-registered members who wish to rejoin after a period of time. This helps connecting with past members and reaching out with announcements related to new centers or coaching programs.

Member Profiles

Single view profile of the members that include

  • Personal information
  • Center and Batch Information
  • Player Tags
  • Training Days
  • Payment Information
  • Current month attendance

Member Self Service

In today’s connected world it is vital that members are able to access information at their fingertips.

AcadWare provides a free login to members to take advantage of the member self service features like –

  • Online Payments and History
  • Attendance Monitoring
  • Providing Coach feedback
  • Contact Information
  • Notifications Alerts
  • Receiving News and Achievements
  • Follow Training calendar
  • View instructions on coaching / workout plans

Streamlined Communication

To enable reliability and repeatability of coaching outcomes, academies can define a set of coaching drills and workout plans that they would like to execute with their players.

AcadWare provides an easy way to define, schedule and assign these activities to players, specific to their skill levels.

While planning and assigning these activities is important, it is equally important to track whether the plans are being followed. Coaches and players can both mark completion of these drills from their training calendars.

Our calendar activity tracker provides insights into what was planned versus what was actually executed.

Payment Convenience

If timely payment of fees is an issue you are struggling with, then AcadWare has multiple ways of helping to improve compliance and improving cash flow of the organization.

  • Auto-generated invoices on payment due dates
  • Automated before and after payment due date reminders to members
  • Prominent overdue payment alerts against members on the player listing and attendance listing page to help coaches identify defaulters
  • Optional provision to charge late fees to encourage members to pay on time
  • Filter on overdue members and manually send email and mobile notification reminders
  • Indepth overdue payment reports along with ageing
  • Inbuilt workflow to track deposit and clearance of cheques

Attendance Monitoring

Attendance capture provides a quantitative way to understand the discipline of members toward the coaching. AcadWare provides mutiple options to capture attendance in the least cumbersome way.


Coaches can use the bulk attendance features where the availability of members, filtered based on their batch, can be marked in seconds.

Portable Biometric Devices

We provide portable biometric devices, integrated with AcadWare, that can be used to capture attendance using a hand held device at the coaching premise.

Fixed Biometric Devices

For organizations that already have invested and installed biometric devices, we build the interface so that existing devices don’t need to be replaced.