Simple process to improve engagement through assessments

  • Continuous tracking of player performance is a key to keep player engaged in the sport and with the academy.
  • AcadWare facilitates setup and implementation of assessments in four simple steps.
  • The system provides flexibility to create all kind of assessments – physical, musculoskeletal, psychological or any sports specific assessments.
  • Academies also have the option of getting a custom report developed in their chosen format.

Flexibility in Test Setup

All types of tests with numeric, textual, rating based, drop down, image/file upload scoring options

Standard Graphical
Report & Trend Reports

As soon as the scores are captured and the reports published, they are available to the members in real-time. Entire process of report generation is within the app with no need for external tools.

Standard graphical reports which compare each score with a benchmark are available to every member on their mobile app.

If the same test is conducted periodically, the system also shows trend reports with comparisons with previous scores.

Scores Benchmarking

  • Acadware provides the most comprehensive assessment and benchmarking available.
  • It allows assessors to compare test score of every assessee against standard norms.
  • Assessors can set norms for all assessments based on the test parameters, age and gender. AcadWare provides a variety of benchmark options.
  • Best scores among the cohort being tested
  • Benchmark scores, which could be scores published by standard agencies or organizations
  • Benchmark range where you can compare the assessee score against a range of scores

Ranking / Leaderboards

AcadWare automatically creates rankings based on completed assessments.

Filter the rankings based on gender, age and also on individual test parameters. We also provide a neat feature to tag the top players based on their assessment rankings.

For example: you could filter on under-14 boys who have the best scores in their endurance related tests and tag the top 5 as “midfield probables for u-14 team”.