Managed Services

Outsource your back-office operations to us so that you can focus on running you academy


Day to Day Operations

Streamlining Onboarding Process of Players

Helping New Players to Download and User AcadWare

Reminders for Overdue payments

Academy Holiday messages

Coach unavailabilty messages

Player Engagement

Creating Academy Specific Posts
(Events, News, Achievements etc) – 5 Posts / month

Create Instructional posts for players – 5 Posts / month

Curating sports related generic content & posting on app 5 Posts / month

Request parents for staff feedback (4 time / year)

Coaching Staff Management

Staff Rating Reports

Staff Attendance Tracking

App Usage by Staff Members


Setup of tests and end to end assistance in assessment reporting

Suggest assessment services to academies not using assessments

Generate Ranking reports for the academy based on certain criteria

Dedicated Technical Support

Providing direct support to admins and staff members for issues with using the app


Number of players logged into the app

New players added per month report

Deregistrations (with reasons) per month report

Monthly Revenue Reports

Paid Vs Outstanding Payments Report

Number of downloads

₹ 10,000

ADVANCED (All Activities In BASIC +)


Manage entire player calendars (Get content from the staff, add to acadware and assign/schedule to players)

Followup with players for to update competition details

Followup with players for to update rankings

Followup with player for any injury related updates


Help Schedule Assessments and ensure players available for them

Updating Norms / Benchmarks for each assessment


Create and Publish Performance Dashboards of each player

Competition Tracker Report

Ranking Report

Player Acitivity Tracker Report (Coaching plans, workout drills, competitions, Assessments, video sessions)

₹ 20,000